Saturday, October 27, 2007

155 years of hauntings at Fort Riley Kansas

Ft. Riley, Kansas is an United States Army Post in the middle of Kansas' beautiful Flint Hills. It was surveyed in 1852 and named Camp Center in 1853 due to its' proximity to the center of the continent. In fact, visitors will see the the creeks and streams surrounding the post are named 6 Mile River, 8 Mile River, etc. This is because the U. S. Geographical folks did consider Ft. Riley the very center of the country, measuring outward in diameters from the flag post center on Parade Field. Later, when more advanced equipment surveyed the land, it was learned Ft. Riley was not quite actually the center of the continent, though pretty darned close to it.

Perhaps being in the middle of the country contributes to the focus of high paranormal activity.

This picture was captured on Oct. 30, 2007 in the basement of the old army hospital. The basement was used as the morgue for nearly 50 years. This photo and many more were captured in the old morgue. In fact the video is hair raising. This building was converted to offices in 1948. The basement is now used for storage.

I became interested in the history, folklore, and legends of this amazing place several years ago. The stories I heard from soldiers about strange happenings around post got my attention.

Because the stories are so rich and true, it seems only right to share them with the willing.
Beware, because the ghosts can follow you home and travel through your electronic equipment. I learned that first hand last year during my first bona-fide ghost hunt. I will share some of that story and hopefully many more. I can't wait until I am able to upload some of these recordings for you here. . . .this year's ghost hunt is tomorrow Sunday 28, 2007 beginning at 3 PM. . . If you can't make it in person...... Stay Tuned!

Also: You need to buy the books on this to read for yourself. I'll put book links in the navigation bar to your upward right and some other real cool haunted places for you to check out. . .

Have a Happy Halloween...... :-)

ps. I've uploaded the hours of audio taken from the old army morgue. Needless to say, this media is beyond fascinating. DID YOU HEAR THAT??? Download it it now your I-pod or desktop now. 38 minutes of paranormal activity recorded for your review. We request a $5 download donation to help continue our semi-scientific research. Buy this file and catch up with the ghost hunt yourself. DISCLAAIMER: All media sales are final and no responsibility accepted for nightmares, hallucinations, visions, fatigue, or other symptoms which may be attributed by a logical mind to these files. Downloads sold 'as is', no refunds.


Jenn said...

I am curently dealing with the goast of a soldier running around my home turning water on and off opening and closing doors and changing backgrounds to electronics to a blurry image of what I think may be him. After two years in this aprtment on post we have had a few visits but nothing as major as this one. Hoping he moves on soon or makes his message more clear.

dougm_94 said...
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dougm_94 said...

I was a lieutenant stationed at Fort Riley, KS from '95-'97 and lived in the newly renovated officers quarters at 27 Arnold Ave. I experienced what some may call a presence there, a distinct weight like a person sitting on the end of my bed. I was alone and the door to my quarters was locked. The shift in the balance of the bed near my feet was so convincing that I bolted upright to see who was in the room with me, but there was no one. Later I would learn from watching TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures that many paranormal investigators believe renovating a space can have the effect of stirring up spirit activity. Also that buildings made of limestone - as they all are on main post - tend to be more active for some reason. It's entirely possible that there was a non-paranormal explanation: a shifting spring in the mattress? but it only happened that one time. - Doug Martin (can be reached at

Melody Amar said...
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JJ said...

I've heard Fort Riley offers haunted tours of these homes. Does that still happen?

Jon Custodio said...

Yes. Its 2014 now and they every Halloween for free.